We can help your lawn RECOVER from the Heat stress of this summer

Save the planet and your lawn with compost, the natural way.

Boost the natural life and microbes in your lawn & landscape

Get our Top Dressing with Compost and Biological Soil Conditioner loaded with microbes


Improve your soils with rich Organic compost, earthworms dig it. 

Top Dressing with Organic compost will breathe fresh life into your soil. Compost contains beneficial microbes and builds better soil for your yard. Healthy soil grows healthy beautiful plants with fewer disease and pest issues. 

Beneficial soil microbes will thank you!

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before compost


after compost

Adding Organic matter builds & maintains life in the soil.

Rich compost rejuvenates tired, weak soil. Your lawn and trees will thrive with

Organic compost to enhance soil nutrition, reduce compaction, and improve drainage.



We provide an Organic solution to naturally enrich your soils for a greener, healthier lawn. With professional grade spreaders, we apply Organic compost for Lawn Top Dressing at a rate up to 1/4” or 1/2”. The Unique annual soil feeding program we offer includes 1 Top Dressing with rich compost and 4 Organic Lawn Fertilizations (Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter). The Organic fertilizers we use contain 100+ nutrients, mycorrhizal fungi, amino acids, & beneficial microorganisms as an eco-responsible way to care for your lawn and feed the soil microbes.

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Top Dressing your lawn with compost and Organic fertilizer is safe for all living creatures. By working with the beneficial microbes in the soil, plants grow healthier and have less pest insect and soil disease problems. Naturally maintaining a strong plant immune system, eliminates the need for pesticide use. When you care for your lawn Organically you are providing a healthier environment for all, above and below the ground.

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Microbes are naturally occurring microorganisms in the soil that strengthen plants and improve soil structures. Without microbes in our soils, we do not have healthy environments for plant growth. Through compost we feed the soil microbes & earthworms that release nutrients, relieving compaction and thatch problems. Microbes play a pivotal role in the soil food web which maintains a natural, healthy diverse eco-system filled with fungus, bacteria and the other beneficial living organisms your plants need for food.


Top Dressing with compost does what fertilizing alone can’t, it brings fresh life into depleted soils. 

Grass roots grow deeper and denser. 

Bare spots in grass fill in due to rich nutrient environment. 

Save money by using less water being conserved through healthy soils.

Experience less pest insect and lawn disease problems such as TARR (take all root rot) and Brown Patch. 


Wow! What a great team! He said they would be here at 8 AM and they were, and finished within 45 minutes! And then they cleaned up everything perfectly! Big kudos to everyone!

Robert C, Argyle


Our lawn was MUCH healthier this year than in any of the previous 14 years, in great part to the overdressing.

Dennis S., Southlake


Everyone is so professional and does a great job. I am so pleased with the work I have had done.

Molly J , Corinth


Earth Kind Services is a customer satisfaction and results driven lawn Care company. I have used Earth Kind Services soil top-dressing products for three years. My St. Augustine lawn is thick, weed free and requires water only every 7 days.

Ken C, Coppell


Beau and Eloy made such a big difference in our lawns. We have used their services in 2 separate occasions at different homes. They know what they are doing and the results show quickly

Nancy D, Keller


Friendly caring staff with outstanding service!

Max L., Corinth

My guys were AWESOME today! Friendly, efficient, communicative, and… they cleaned up all of the spillover before leaving. Third year is the charm!! Thank you all for making my home the winter showplace!

Elizabeth T., Grapevine

Prompt, cool equipment.... all worth it. No more breaking our backs, may do this more regularly.

Linda K., Robson Ranch

Great job, and super personnel. Knowledgeable of the product and very thorough.

Al J., Copper Canyon

Friendly people who are knowledgeable. Technologically up to date by electronically providing quotes, invoice, and receipts. Recommended by top notch arborist.

Robert M., Carrollton

Easy to order, prompt communications, great product.

Barbara L., Frisco

2 years ago I began using Earth Kind Services compost to top-dress my lawn (mixture of fescue and St. Augustine grasses) and I am seeing overall results, especially in my troubled areas where grass was not growing. I have also noticed a resurgence of earth worm and other beneficial insects.

Kevin, Coppell

Beau & Carrigan were very helpful in helping me understand the benefits and process of spreading compost on my lawn. Eloy and his coworker were very thorough and professional in performing the service. Thanks!

Ron, Coppell

Service was very professional. This is the second time I have used Earth Kind Services and have been very satisfied with the results.

Pat, Argyle

Beau, I am so impressed with the improvement of the compost laid in July. The dry and brown patches became grassy again and the grass everywhere just looked more lush. Can't believe I didn't have to re-sod to fill in those spots! I'm definitely a believer that compost is great for the yard and I plan to do it every year.

Peggy G , Allen


Earth Kind saved my yard a year and a half ago and has since made it look fabulous, in spite of the fact the neighborhood rabbits love my yard. Highly recommended.

Jeanne D, Allen


I had never seen a worm in my yard or on my walkways before!  Your advertising always says your topping makes worms happy, now I have proof that I have some! Eloy did such a fantastic job again for me today!  Great guy!

Patti S. , Plano


From the initial phone call to Earth Kind, I was very pleased at how I was treated. They answered all of my questions, and sent a very easily understood quote with what was to be done and how much it would cost. On the day of application of the compost, I was introduced to Eloy, the application tech. He was very personable, shook my hand, and said he was going to get started. He was quick and efficient, and cleaned up when the job was done.

Nick A. , Robson Ranch Denton


Wow! What a great team! He said they would be here at 8 AM and they were, and finished within 45 minutes! And then they cleaned up everything perfectly! Big kudos to everyone!

Robert C, Argyle


As usual we experienced the excellent service we have come to know from Earth Kind Services. The workers always arrive on time. Before he begins any work, Eloy always explains what is going to be done. After the work is completed, he tells me what has been done, cleans up and leaves. 

John A



In North Texas, soil really benefits from adding Organic matter. We use compost that is fully composted for 6-12 months. There is no bad smell after application to your lawn. Click the 'FREE ESTIMATES' button to get an estimate or more information. We are a local company from Denton, TX and not a franchise. Thank you for supporting local! Earthworms really dig our compost.


Spring and Fall are excellent times to have compost spread on your lawn to compliment your fertilization program. You will see long term benefits from our Organic Compost Lawn Top Dressing whether you use Organic fertilizer or synthetic products.


Earth Kind Services

We offer TopDressing for lawns up to ¼” layer of premium compost using our specialized spreaders (double layer of up to ½” is also available). This process ensures a uniform layer of luscious compost that rakes and wheelbarrows simply can’t achieve. Price based on lawn square footage. Satellite measurement options are available based on your address. Flower beds can be composted at an additional charge.

For unhealthy areas, we will apply Soil Bio Inoculants to aid recovery and build a strong immune system for the plants and roots. For compacted soils we will apply MicroLife Humates Plus, a soil conditioner adding billions of beneficial microbes, Mycorrhizal Fungi & Nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Optional Annual Feeding Program:

1 Lawn Top Dressing with Compost

4 Organic Lawn Fertilization Applications (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)


Professional spreading of turf blend (compost/sand mix) over the lawn at a double pass using our specialized top dressing machines, adds soil and helps with minor leveling issues.  The turf blend looks like dark, rich soil. This will not fill in any deep holes to trenches and does not include manual. (If you have a few holes you want to be filled, mark them and we will fill them as we spread the mix). If you mow with a reel mower below 1" please let us know as a special mix may be needed

Earth Kind Services


Earth Kind Services

A premium turf blend mix of sand & compost is spread over the lawn at a double rate using our specialized Top Dressing machines, this adds a soil blend and helps with minor leveling issues. If your lawn has "ankle twister" holes, divots, or collapsed sprinkler lines, we recommend our Comprehensive leveling in those areas (increased price). This involves filling in and compacting the holes, top dressing with our soil mix, then using specialized leveling tools to smooth it out. Price based upon cubic yard of soil.  This process is best prior to seeding or when grass is actively growing.  We can also fill in around foundations, trenches, and eroded areas. To keep soil from eroding, lawn might seeding or sodding after soil is spread, but usually will fill in those areas in a few weeks.

If you mow with a reel mower below 1" please let us know as a special mix may be needed



Our awesome fertilization program is simple and works! We feed the soil with beneficial microbes, fungi, humates, and over 100 nutrients. Our fertilizing program includes 4 seasonal Organic lawn fertilization applications using the high-quality, professional-grade Microlife Organic Biological Fertilizers.  These products add over 100 minerals, vitamins, billions of beneficial microbes, and beneficial mycorrhizal fungi to the soil. (This does not include pre or post emergents for weed control as healthier soil will have fewer weeds and soil diseases, naturally, without using toxic chemicals) This program works best with at least 1 top dressing of compost per year to add the bulk of Organic matter.  For shrubs and landscape beds, we do Spring & Fall fertilization applications.

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Earth Kind Services

Hydro-mulch alternative. We can seed and apply premium compost over seeded areas providing faster germination while improving the soil. (Arden Hybrid Bermuda, Bermuda, Fescue, Rye & Buffalo).


Bermuda (Full Sun) - June to August

Fescue (Shade) - March, April, September, October


We are happy to come in person and see what issues you may be having with your lawn and landscape. With over 40 years of combined experience in maintaining landscapes, we will help you find a solution to address the big picture problem.  If we are able to provide a service, we will credit you back the consultation fee as a discount on your invoice.

Our consultation fee without service is usually $60.

Click the blue 'FREE ESTIMATES' button to schedule an appointment today!

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Top Dressing with compost is the single most important thing you can do for your landscape.

We also deliver and spread soil, Dyno dirt, dyno soil, Turf blend & Plano Pure Topdressing. 

Beau Propes, family-owned in Denton, TX

We service the following areas of Texas: 

Denton,  Addison, Allen, Alliance, Anna, Argyle, Arlington, Aubrey, Canyon Falls,  Carrollton, Celina, Colleyville, Coppell, Corinth, Dallas, Double Oak, Flower Mound, Farmers Branch, Fort Worth, Frisco, Frisco Lakes, Gainesville, Grapevine, Haslet, Harvest, Hickory Creek, Highland Park, Highland Village, Irving, Justin, Keller, Krum, Lantana, Lewisville, Little Elm, Lucas, Melissa, McKinney, New Fairview, Northlake, Oak Point, Pecan Square, Plano, Providence Village, Ponder,  Prosper, Richardson, Roanoke, Rhome,  Robson Ranch, Sanger, Shady Shores, Southlake, The Colony, Trophy Club, University Park, Crossroads, Oak Point, Lake Dallas, and Westlake.