What Is Organic Lawn Service

By Aaron Mcleod | March 21, 2023

I was only 15 years old when my doctor said, “That blood pressure is a little high Aaron.” Hypertension affects 1.2 billion adults aged 30 to 79 all over the world and I was feeling the effects as a teenager. It runs in my family.

It was then that I started a journey to figure out why this was happening and what I could do about the problem. After reading many books and doing research I found out that just because hypertension runs in your family, you do not have to give it the keys to open the door to destroy your life. I learned living a good lifestyle and eating more natural foods Keeps the genetic door close.

This led me to using more natural products in my life and looking for ways I can go green. I started doing this at a very early age. I cannot take you on the whole journey now, but 30 years later resulted in me being the manager here at Earth Kind Services.

We specialize in organic lawn care. What is organic lawn care?


The word synthetic is defined as of a substance made by chemical synthesis especially to imitate a natural product.

Synthetics are manmade products that can be used to manipulate living organisms or the environment. One of the major setbacks with synthetics is that some of them have side effects.

For example, the high blood pressure that I have, many years ago I was prescribed a medicine that would lower my blood pressure, but it gave me a severe dry cough. I would cough many times throughout the day uncontrollably. The coughs were so bad I did research and I turn to drinking beet juice every day which lowered my blood pressure with no side effects.

Now are all synthetics bad? Not at all. My late mother was diagnosed with kidney disease and was put on dialysis in 2009. Dialysis is a synthetic way of cleaning the blood when a person lacks kidney function. With this treatment my mother was able to live for 5 more years. There were side effects like cramping and treatments taking too much water off the blood.

What about when it comes to lawn care?

The Earth and science is complex. When the synthetics are applied to the lawn, they may force a lawn to react a certain way. But there could be problems with this approach. We will state just 2:

1. The synthetic treatment may or may not be addressing the issue with your Lawn. What your lawn really needs is a variety of nutrients, not just one synthetic compound.

2. A synthetic can cause another problem to the lawn. The dreaded side effect.

Think of it this way. What would you rather have, a can of plain broth that has been sitting on the shelf for years or a freshly made beef stew made from fresh veggies, sauce, and fresh meat. Both will feed you. But the beef stew will taste better and has a better nutritious value.

chicken broth on the white
Beef Stew copy


The definition of organic is - relating to or derived from living matter. Also, a relation between elements of something such that fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a hole.

Being organic means you work with the natural process. Nothing is forced. There are no side effects, just the gestation process. Better long-lasting results, instead of a quick fix.

With me it was drinking beet juice and vegetable juice with all the nutrients to balance the body naturally versus taking a pill to force the body to lower my blood pressure synthetically with a side effect cough.

Now I'm not telling you to stop taking your medicine. Please do your own research.

What is organic lawn care?

The answer to the question is - lawn care that works with nature harmoniously. No chemicals or synthetics. Restore a balance in your lawn with organic compost and organic fertilizers.

Earth Kind Services

We have been working with north Texas lawns naturally for over a decade. Earth Kind Services has a 5.0 rating on google in the DFW area. Go green this spring and summer. Have the comfort of knowing your lawn is natural. Earth Kind was founded in Denton, Texas and our organic services are designed for North Texas lawns. Start your organic program today.

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